Very Important Call to Action

In 2020, many of you participated in efforts that prevented significant payment cuts for surgical services. We need Congress to intervene again to prevent payment cuts (nearly 9%) slated for January 1, 2022.

As surgeon leaders and constituents in Tennessee, the ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy (DAHP) needs our continued help to stop the cuts. Our voices as constituents and surgeons remain essential to promoting this effort and protecting patient access to care.

Your participation over the next month is critical. Beginning November 29th, 2021, please make a plan to:

  • Write your lawmakers via SurgeonsVoice and urge them to work with House and Senate leadership to stop the cuts.
  • Call on Congress to stop the cuts.
  • Follow, Tweet, and tag @SurgeonsVoice on Twitter to amplify our message.
  • Schedule a visit with your senators or representative, or their staff, to discuss this critical issue.

Surgery is a specialized service that requires extensive training and expertise and should be viewed by Congress as an essential element to health care delivery across the country. Congress’ support of surgery must be demonstrated by prioritizing a year-end fix to stop the cuts.

Thank you for taking action immediately to help promote this important advocacy priority.

For questions or assistance, contact DAHP staff at

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