Time to Act – Stop Medicare Cuts for Surgeons

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has proposed a rule that will devastate surgeons across America by reducing payments for nearly all surgical specialties—during the worst public health crisis in generations. Starting January 1, 2021, the proposed CMS rule will slash Medicare payments to surgeons by up to 9 percent, jeopardizing patient access to surgical care in the middle of a pandemic. To stop these cuts and preserve care for patients, Congress needs to act. 

In response, the ACS, in collaboration with the Surgical Care Coalition, launched its first-ever ‘Week of Action’ September 21 to encourage surgeons to tell Congress to stop the cuts.

Surgeons have already sacrificed much of their livelihood during the early parts of the COVID pandemic when all non-essential operations were postponed! The scheduled Medicare cuts in reimbursement will be devastating for many surgeons. 

This will only take a couple minutes of your time, and it is critically important! Do it now!

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