Phillip Burns Cancer Paper Competition
1st Place Cancer Registries: can we improve the quality of thyroid cancer data? Colleen M. Kiernan, MD, MPH, Martin A. Whiteside, PhD, MSPH, Carmen C. Solorzano, MD, VUMC
2nd Place Melanoma in African Americans: an example of healthcare disparities or a different gene expression profile? Whitney Guerrero MD, Elizabeth Lee BS, Martin Fleming, MD, UTHSC

Timothy Fabian Trauma Paper Competition
1st Place Impact of Circle of Willis anatomy in traumatic blunt cerebrovascular injury (BCVI)-related stroke, Charles P. Shahan, Timothy C. Fabian, Richard I. Gray, Martin A. Croce, UTHSC
2nd Place Decision-making about inter-hospital transfer for patients with acute surgical problems: a qualitative study, Kristy Kummerow Broman, Michael J Ward, Benjamin K Poulose, Margaret L Schwarze, VUMC

Leonard Hines/Calvin Morgan Basic Science Paper Competition
1st Place Bile diversion to the ileum in lean mice results in improvement in oral glucose tolerance in the absence of confounding variables associated with obesity and weight loss, Vance L. Albaugh, Charles Robb Flynn, and Naji N. Abumrad, VUMC
2nd Place Cytokines in pediatric and adult melanoma, W. Preston Hewgley, Walter Lang, Ph.D., Christopher Morton, Ph.D., John Sandoval, M.D., UTHSC

Leonard Hines/Calvin Morgan Clinical Science Paper Competition
1st Place Finding the right target: How to identify patients with intussusception who can safely be managed in the emergency department? Abteen Moshref, Kate Savoie, Rudy Kink, Regan Williams, UTHSC
2nd Place A modern approach to radiotherapy after mastectomy with immediate reconstruction dramatically reduces rate of implant loss, Whitney Guerrero MD, Michael Farmer MD, Martin Fleming MD, UTHSC

The Committee on Trauma is pleased to announce that the video of our 2016 Scudder Orator, Susan Briggs, MD, FACS, on “Responding to Crisis: Surgeons as Leaders in Disaster Response,” is now available online on the COT homepage at Committee on Trauma.