About Us

The Mission of the TN Chapter, ACS, is to improve the health of the people of Tennessee and the Southeastern Region of the United States by promoting the ethical practice of the art and science of surgery.

The TN Chapter is dedicated to

  • the promotion of membership,
  • the provision of advocacy for surgeons and patients,
  • the education of surgeons and surgical residents, and
  • the ultimate improvement and measurement of patient care and safety.

The Chapter provides a network for the Fellows of the State and serves as their liaison to the American College of Surgeons.



  • To promote the improvement of care to the surgical patient
  • To promote cooperation among the members of the Chapter in their common efforts to improve the quality of surgical care
  • To provide a medium through which surgical experiences may be presented and discussed, through which continuing education in the area of surgical skills and care may be provided, and through which outmoded and/or unethical surgical practices may be corrected
  • To offer assistance to professional and civic-based groups concerned with the maintenance of high quality health care in the State of Tennessee
  • To assist in providing the residents of the State of Tennessee with surgical and hospital facilities of the highest ethical and professional standards


Tennessee Chapter of ACS Leadership

Executive Council 2019-2020

Robert Maxwell, MD FACS


979 E 3rd Street, Ste. 401
Chattanooga, TN 37403

Mary Hooks, MD FACS


2220 Pierce Avenue, Ste. P230
Research Building
Nashville, TN 37232

Max Langham Jr., MD FACS

Vice President

777 Washington Avenue, Ste. P230
Memphis, TN38105

Ingrid Marie Meszoely, MD FACS

Past President

597 PRB
Nashville, TN 37232

Max Langham Jr., MD FACS


777 Washington Avenue, Ste. P230
Memphis, TN   38105


Naira Baregamian, MD, FACS


2220 Pierce Avenue, 597 PRB
Nashville, TN 37232

Reagan W. Bollig, MD


1932 Alcoa Highway, Ste. C-270
Knoxville, TN  37920

Jacob Dowden, MD, FACS


979 East Third Street, Ste. 401
Chattanooga, TN 37403

Alexander Feliz, MD, FACS


51 N. Dunlap, Ste 230
Memphis, TN  38105

Ankush Gosain, MD, PhD, FACS


49 Dunlap Street, Ste. 266
Memphis, TN 38103

Heath Giles, MD, FACS


979 East Third Street, Ste. 401
Chattanooga, TN 37403

Elijah Kim, MD, FACS


1230 Favell Drive
Memphis, TN 38116

Roger Nagy, MD, FACS


3443 Dickerson Pike, Ste. 100
Nashville TN  37207

Matthew D. Spann, MD, FACS


1161 21st Avenue South, D5203 MCN
Nashville, TN  37232

YFA Representatives 

Jeremiah Deneve, MD, FACS


910 Madison Ave,   Suite 303
Memphis, TN 38163

Elizabeth Jackson, MD, FACS

3044 Highland Grove Drive
Johnson City, TN 37615

Committee on Cancer

James McLoughlin, MD FACS


1926 Alcoa Highway, Ste. 330
Knoxville, TN 37920

Committee on Trauma

Oscar Guillamondegui, MD, FACS


1211 21st Ave S, 404 MAB
Nashville, TN  37212


Tony Haley, MD, FACS

Governor, At Large

3 Professional Park Drive, Ste. 31
Johnson City, TN 37601

William Edwards Jr, MD, FACS

Governor, At Large

109 Bellebrook Circle
Nashville, TN 37205

Gayle Minard, MD, FACS

Governor, At Large

910 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 37163

Frederick Boop, MD FACS

Governor, American Association of Neurological Surgeons

6325 Humphreys Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38120

Carmen Cecilia Solorzano, MD FACS

Governor, American Association of Endocrine Surgeons

2220 Pierce Avenue, 597 PRB
Nashville, TN 37232

TN Surgical Quality Consortium

Stephen Wheeler Behrman, MD FACS

910 Madison Avenue, Ste. 208
Memphis, TN  38163

ACS Board of Regents

Ken Sharp, MD, FACS

D-5203 MCN, Vanderbilt
Nashville, TN  37232

Advocacy Insider

Barton Clements, MD, FACS

1120 Byrdstown Hwy
Livingston, TN  38570

Heath Giles, MD, FACS

979 E 3rd Street, Ste 401
Chattanooga, TN  37403

Max Langham, MD, FACS

777 Washington Avenue, P230
Memphis, TN  38105

Laura Witherspoon, MD, FACS

2108 East Third Street, Ste 200
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Resident Representatives

Diane Haddad, MD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN 37232

Kevin Harrell, MD

UT College of Medicine – Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Leah Hendrick, MD

UTHSC – Memphis
Memphis, TN 38104

George Lodeiro, MD

University of TN – Knoxville
Knoxville, TN 37920

Kaohinani “Nani" Longwolf, MD

UTHSC – Nashville
Nashville, TN  37205

Rebecca Proctor, MD

East TN State University
Johnson City, TN 37604

Chapter Administrator

Wanda G. McKnight, CAE

600 12th Ave., S
Nashville, TN  37203